TUL – S3 – EP1 – Sage Tempest – Capstone Project Interview – The Guardian Academy – Cryptocurrency Community

🎙Season 3 Episode 1 – Capstone Project Interview – The Guardian Academy Cryptocurrency Community🎙I had the true pleasure of interviewing Sage Tempest🎙

TUL Podcast is back after a nearly TWO Year hiatus. Don’t call it come back….

This episode is a interview between Dr. Nick Sotelo and Sage Tempest – AKA Matt. Matt is a member of a cryptocurrency community called The Guardian Academy (TGA). TGA uses an access tier system to structure the community. One of the top tiers is called the Guardian Tier. In order to access that tier a candidate must complete a captstone project. This interview with Matt is in effort to complete the capstone requirements. Matt will respond to questions to demonstrate his knowledge and application of key concepts taught by the Guardian Academy.

If you want to learn about cryptocurrency, WEB3, NFTS, and blockchain here are the links to the communities that are making tremendous effort to educate people on how to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE in all things crypto and blockchain.



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