TUL S3 – EP 2 – Three Points of Clarity – How to experience true fulfillment in life

🎙Season 3 Episode 2 🎙

Solo show

TUL Podcast is back after a nearly TWO Year hiatus. Don’t call it come back….

When you lack clarity it makes decision making and taking action very difficult if not impossible.

If you’re stuck, lack motivation, feel burned out, checked out, and just plain BLAH….chances are you are lacking clarity in your life.

Get clear on these three things ASAP:

1. Who are you? Core Identity

2. What do you REALLY want? What are your dreams, wishes, vision for your life?

3. Where are you TODAY, in total honesty in relationship to what you really want?

When you have achieved clarity on those three items you’ll be able to engineer your daily life so that you are closing the gap between where you are today and getting what you really want.

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