TUL S3-E18- Douglas James – Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

šŸŽ™Season 3 Episode 17 – Douglas James – Lessons from a serial entrepreneuršŸŽ™

I had an amazing conversation with the and only Douglas James!

Former navy officer turned successful entrepreneur, Douglas James, shares his extraordinary journey and strategies for success on The Upgraded Life. From exploring digital marketing to making more money than in the navy, he reveals his secrets to lead generation and acquiring clients. Overcoming challenges, Douglas built a strong network and formed partnerships that propelled his business to new heights. He emphasizes the importance of mentors, boundaries, and embracing AI for success. Join us on this inspiring episode to learn from Douglas James' remarkable transformation and gain valuable insights for your own journey on The Upgraded Life

Connect with Douglas:

Twitter: @Douglas_James_

YT: https://www.youtube.com/@DouglasJamesOfficial

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