TUL S3 – E14 – Core Values Clarification w/ Dr. Nick Sotelo

šŸŽ™Season 3 Episode 14 – Chris C – Empowering Others: A Discussion on Demonstrating Love through Servant Leadership

On this episode of The Upgraded Life, Dr. Nick Sotelo facilitates a core values clarification session with Chris Connors. Core values is one of the important concepts that a person can incorporate into their life. There are several examples of core values exercises available out there that anyone can do. However, to get the most value from a core values exercise, spending time with an expert is where the real magic happens.

Listen to Dr. Nick Sotelo as he helps Chris to gain true clarity on his for core values.

Chris speaks about various topics, including love, servant leadership, and empowering others. He emphasizes the importance of making individual decisions and defining one's own happiness.

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