TUL – EP 20 – John Williams – Life That Counts – BIG IDEA – NOT ONE MORE SCHOOL SHOOTING!

🎙Ep #20 Living a Life That Counts 🎙 I had the pleasure of interviewing John Williams.

John is a powerful speaker witha powerful message! He just landed a Tedx speaking gig! Way to go John!

John’s personal story is one of grace and overcoming some serious obstacles. Today he is the CEO of an extraordinary non-profit orgainzation called Life That Counts. The mission of this organization is to “Help Students Make Better Decisions for More Healthy Outcomes”

In this episode, you’ll hear about childhood poverty, neglect, abandonment, and how bullying leads to school shootings.

From the Life That Counts website:

John is an unshakable visionary who sees the world as it could be.  He believes that we are the one’s who get to shape our world and that if we can see it, we can create it.

Described as a passionate-giant of a man, John has given his professional life to helping spread the vision of the power of strength through vulnerability, others-centered serving, and a deep sense of personal ownership where people can experience a beautiful world in which peer-to-peer equality is evident, individuals are free to achieve and enjoy the prize of a life well lived.

John is the founder and CEO of Life that Counts, a social-entrepreneurial endeavor which seeks to help others make better decisions for more healthy outcomes.

Life That Counts website: https://lifethatcounts.org/

Life That Counts FB: https://www.facebook.com/lifethatcounts

Life That Counts IG: https://www.instagram.com/lifethatcounts/

Connect with John Williams: https://lifethatcounts.org/contact-us/


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