TUL – E9 – Andrew Chris – Improving the 3 critical relationships

Chris shares his take on 3 critical relationships that we as parents must embrace.  
We discuss parenting, relationships, and child discipline in this show. 
From the Life Empowerment Organization website:
My name is Andrew Chris, and this company was founded with my wife, Jennifer, to help bring hope and joy back into the journey of life.
For the last twelve years, I have spent my life studying, working, and experiencing the struggles and stress of life, whether while working with others or through my own eyes.
​Whether it was going from a mentor to a Program Manager in the residential treatment environment, working as a family case manager, teaching preschool, facilitating or developing parenting programs, or earning a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and working as a couple and family therapist, I have worked with hundreds of people facing life’s challenges.  My newest adventure is helping you through transformational coaching services that come with being a Certified Life Coach.
​From working with others on the stressors of relationships and parenting to the darkness and despair of extreme trauma, my professional experience has illuminated just how important the relationships we have with ourselves, our partners, and our family can be.
Twitter: TheLEOJourney

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