Podcast: The Upgraded Life Season 1

TUL – E2 – Goal Setting Mind Dump

Dr. Nick Sotelo reflects on the merits of setting small goals versus big goals that seem unattainable. Nick’s personal goals from 2019 are reviewed and filtered through the small vs big which is better question. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Connect with Dr. Nick Sotelo – The Upgraded Life Free 30 Min Strategy Session https://calendly.com/nicksotelo/tulss Website – www.nicksotelo.com IG…

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TUL – E1 – Introduction to The Upgraded Life – Dr. Nick Sotelo

Hello – I’m Nick Sotelo and the Upgraded Life is my process for helping people realize and reach their potential.  The Upgraded Life podcast is focused on helping people upgrade their life. Each episode features content that you can immediately use to improve your life. Guests on the Upgraded Life will share how they improved…

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